Infrastructure as a Service

Duologik’s competitive, on-demand Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) with instant provision of services essentially simplifies data center complexity and improve customers’ ability to deliver their unpredictable computing requirement in a rapid and cost-effective manner.

Our IaaS quality and performance benefits ensure customers are prepared for transition to cloud services as their IT departments evolve to a hybrid or full cloud environment.



When it comes to maintaining your infrastructure, choosing the right outsource partner is critical.  Duologik has the capabilities and experience to build out infrastructure solutions and provide assistance with decision on the most fitting strategy for your business needs.


Utilizing proven architectures, technologies, designs and services, we will help you evolve your infrastructure strategy into a cloud or hybrid environment for your data management.   Combined with the right metrics our experts will work with you to prepare for and transition to the new environment, create a technology roadmap, establish key metrics/performance indicators and help you evaluate ROI.


Developing an IaaS Strategy


Your IaaS strategy should be to maximize business benefit and satisfy long term infrastructure goals. A clear strategy with measurable goals and objectives (as suggested in the table below) will reduce project risk and assess a return on your investment.


IaaS is an ROI-driven architectural decision that needs tools, people, and process to deliver the right solution.  Duologik IaaS structure is a dependable alternative to building your own. Our services will help you answer these questions and formulate a strategy.


Customer Benefits


Enable customers to grow their businesses efficiently with:

  • Increased operating speed, agility and flexibility
  • Significant reduction in capital expenses
  • Elimination of long lead times on equipment procurement and updates
  • Elimination of tedious IT tasks, such as system monitoring, patches and fixes
  • Freedom to move IT’s focus from “keeping the lights on” to growing the business


How can Duologik help you?


We work with you to understand your business’s long term/short term goals to help you choose the best IaaS option for your business. Our process is simple; it starts with a discovery/technical analysis meeting to understand your objectives.


We align your objectives with recommendations on an appropriate IaaS method via a Statement of Work (SOW) with implementation details, service flexibility and ongoing responsibilities to migrate, integrate, and host your applications on our IaaS through a custom SLA agreement and flexible pricing options. Please contact us today to speak to a technical representative.




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